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*** A lot of users have asked "How do I use Voice iT?".

So we just posted a new video at the top of this page that first gives you a quick demo of sending a voice message in just three taps. The video then shows you how to use the various features of Voice iT - We hope you will enjoy using Voice iT everyday! ***

About Voice iT...

You can talk much faster then you can type, so why are you not sending awesome audio recordings of what you want to say to your friends instead of boring text messages? ....Probably because it takes WAY TOO MANY STEPS to do it!

Try this quick test...First, start from your home screen and then count how many taps it takes to send a voice recording to someone:

1) Locate your text/sms app icon (0 - 4 taps/swipes)
2) Tap the icon to start your text/sms messaging app (1 tap)
3) Type a few letters of the person you want to send the message to (REMEMBER each letter you tap counts as a tap, so it will be about 3-4 letter taps to find the desired name)
4) Select the person from the list of results (1 tap)
5) Select the "Attach" button in your messenger app (1 tap)
6) Select "Record Audio" (1 tap)
7) Select "Start Recording" (1 tap)
8) Speak your message (no taps)
9) Select "Stop" (1 tap)
10) Select "Save" (1 tap)
11) Select "Send" in your text/sms app to send your voice memo (1 tap)

...And that's probably why you don't send voice messages ; )

But with Voice iT, you can EASILY send a voice message in just THREE taps!

1) Start the Voice iT app and begin speaking your message (1 tap)
2) Select the person to send it to (1 tap)
3) Select "Send" in your device's text/sms app (1 tap)

That's it!

Voice iT can actually send a voice message FASTER and EASIER then typing a boring text message, so why not send a personalized Voice iT message right now?

Voice iT messages are just normal audio recordings, so you can send a Voice iT message to anyone and they can listen to it right away without having to install any apps!

In a nutshell, Voice iT does all the work for you to quickly record a message and select who it is going to. Then it uses your device's built-in Text/MMS messaging app to actual send it.

Here are just some ways Voice iT can help make your life a lot easier:

1) Did you ever think of something important but forgot about it because you didn't write it down right away or you were driving?

2) Did you ever want to send a message to someone but it was too long to type, and you didn't want to call them on the chance they might answer the call and then you'll spend more time then you wanted to?

Advantages of using Voice iT instead of text messaging:

• Sending a voice recording conveys emotion and is so much more personal then a plain text message

• Safely record ideas or to-do items while driving or when you don't have a pen to jot them down

• Allows you to explain details much quicker then you could in an email or text message

One of the most powerful features of Voice iT is the ME icon. When you tap it, it will send the voice memo to yourself. Just think of all the important thoughts that were lost because you couldn't remember them later. With Voice iT, your thoughts will be waiting in your inbox as a reminder.

NEW! "Anywhere Icon" displays a small movable, floating icon that is always visible even when you are using another app. Just tap this icon and Voice iT will immediately start! So, we mean JUST THREE TAPS! - no matter what else you are doing on your phone!

Remember to watch the video which explains all the cool features of Voice iT!

CONTACTS: Used to create the Favorite icons
MICROPHONE: I'll give you one guess ... ;)
WI-FI/INTERNET: Voice iT sends non-personally identifiable diagnostic info to help us fix any errors that may occur.
READ/WRITE_STORAGE: This allows you to assign an image from your gallery to one of the favorite icons and allows Voice iT to send your recording to your messaging app.
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