Shadow Hero Ninja - Stickman Fighting Game 2020

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Have you ever dreamed to be Stickman Hero Ninja for kingdom Survival? Play as Shadow Hero Ninja Stickman Fighting Game 2020 & Safe your king of Kingdom with super hero powers. Use your Stealth mode & Kung fu fighting skills to attack & run for survival in this stickman ninja game. There is a lot of chaos in the Japanese and people need a true hero as their defender. The Japanese warrior and his crime squad is spreading terror on your land by killing and fighting. Start the ultimate battle between a shadow Hero Ninja and the Japanese warriors. The Missions of the Shadow Hero Ninja Stickman Fighting Game 2020 is spying, assassination and guerrilla warfare. Shadow Hero Ninja Stickman Fighting Game 2020 is a crime game in which crime rate in town is on it's extreme and you are going to rescue your king of kingdom with your stickman kungfu fighting skills. Police and armed forces are unable to handle the crime city and killer criminals in this super hero ninja game. You have to act like stickman shadow ninja warrior for the ultimate survival of big town with your amazing super powers. It's time to turn on the real ultimate adventure of super hero fighting skills in this Stickman shadow ninja fighting games. There is Gangsters & criminals everywhere in the town. Now it's your turn to fight like a boss and free your people from criminals. Enjoy epic Kung Fu Ninja Fighting adventure in this Shadow Hero Ninja Stickman Fighting Game 2020!

The Story of Shadow Hero Ninja Stickman Fighting Game 2020: Long time ago in feudal Japan far across the oceans & snowy mountains there was a Ravens Kingdom . People of Ravens were peaceful & hardworking. Their lands were evergreen & was rich in agriculture & mineral resources. After the Ravens was threatened by an Stickman Evil Ninja Warlord ‘ Kimachi ‘ because of their rich land, the Stickman King of Ravens ordered his Army Commander to teach their fighters the ancient Art Of Ninjutsu.Yuri a dweller of Ravens & a brave warrior have just returned from Snowy Mountains after learning the Ninjutsu. Not so long after his return, Raven was hit by a series of attacks by the Evil Kimachi Ninjas & the King of Ravens was abducted. Yuri now has to defeat the Evil War lord Clan to save the King & become a Stickman shadow hero of the Ravens Kingdom. Run up wall, slash evil gangsters with warrior fighting skills. Humiliate demon bosses with your master Kung fu skills. Kill gangsters with fatal sword blade in this Crime game. Enjoy latest Action game of super hero ninja, blessed with the hero powers! The Stickman shadow Hero ninja is on fighter mission to clean up the mess and save kingdom & King. Heroic battle between super hero Ninja and Japanese warrior take a new twist as you acquires special powers of Stickman ninja. Play this action packed battle and kill criminals and gangsters in this stickman game. Evil warriors committing crimes capturing & destroying places in Japan and killing peace. Try your dangerous Kung Fu attack & don't let the evil criminal spread terror among the people. Only you can take the risk to gangster kill as a combat hero. Don’t let the underworld rule the streets. Enjoy this fun addictive game with a true fighter legend against mafia underworld boss! Play Shadow Hero Ninja Stickman Fighting Game 2020 for an extreme crime simulator action adventure!

Shadow Hero Ninja Stickman Fighting Game 2020 Features:
 Stealth mode and ninja master battle style in shadows
 Multiple weapons and action pack combat gameplay
 Stealth and combat movements between ninja fights
 Engaging Background music with HD graphics
 Realistic stealth and combat movements
 Player Punch, Power ups and Combos
 Live the life of a Stickman ninja

Download now this Shadow Hero Ninja Stickman Fighting Game 2020 and enjoy this extreme ninja fighting game.
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