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Rest areas listed by exact mile marker.

This convenient app covers all 50 states and all major U.S. interstates from I-4 to I-99. Never again will you have to wonder how far it is to the next rest area. Our listings will point you in the right direction.If you travel a lot or are planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip, you might want to prepare ahead and know where the rest areas are located "just in case."

Our rest area listings are crowd-sourced. We rely on users to report rest areas that recently closed. We've verified every rest area location with the appropriate state DOT, but with recent economic hard times some rest areas were closed without noticed. That's where our users come to the rescue! Once we receive a report of a rest area being closed, we immediately update the information on our app.

Our rest area listings do not use geo-targeting or location services.Each rest area is listed by the exact mile marker at which it's located. Apps that use geo-targeting and location services have an inherent flaw. It does no good to know there's a rest area 2 miles away if it happens to be located in the opposite direction of travel. Our rest areas are listed by direction of travel - northbound, southbound, eastbound, and westbound. You'll be able to locate the nearest rest area as long as you know the direction in which you're traveling.

In 2015 and 2015 we drove approximately 45,000 miles across the U.S. for personal and business reasons. During our travels we noted the exact location of many rest areas listed in our app. If you're traveling with children or a passenger with a medical condition that might need immediate attention, we highly recommend checking your route ahead of time. Some states have no rest areas on certain interstates. On some interstates rest areas are 100 miles apart. Our rest area finder will help you plan your trip if restrooms are going to be a critical aspect.
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