Holiday Checklist for Packing

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Holiday Checklist - Your individual Travel Packing List for Smartphone & Tablet

Not matter if you travel to the mountains in the snow or to the beach and the sea, whether you're traveling in winter or summer, whether you'll sleep in the hotel, or decide to go on a camping vacation , the holiday checklist ensures that you and all other passengers, such as children, babies or friends do not forget anything.

What is the holiday checklist app capable of?

The list "Before the trip" reminds you of important To-Do's before your journey begins*: Who takes care of the flowers? Is the visa requested, the heating turned off, the answering machine prepared?

* The memories ranging from travel planning to the day of departure.

No matter who, when, where and how

Whether for a family vacation or the next business trip, the holiday checklist keeps the correct packing list for you ready. You can not only determine for whom you want to create packing lists, but also personalize the way it fits for your journey. Be it for the next camping holiday for the summer or winter vacation, the packing lists are adjusted so that you just have to add a great selection yet. So you save time and can be sure that nothing is forgotten.

Checklist for the whole family - holiday with children or kids

Preparing for the trip can be stressful, especially if you are traveling with your family or in large groups. Often, the entire responsibility for planning is on the shoulders of a single person (in 90% of families with the mother *), and then goes if something goes wrong ..
Plan the next family vacation without the stress and make personal travel checklists for each family member and spread the ToDo's so that everyone lends a hand. You can even send an email to a family member or friend a packing list.

* Own survey of 141 families, Sept 2014

Sustainable Travel Planning

Let's save together: Instead of printing individual packing lists for each trip we can use the app save time and resources.
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