Dance/USA Virtual Conference

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The Dance/USA Annual Conference is an invigorating gathering of dance professionals united by their interests in advancing dance and celebrating the joy of movement. This year, Dance/USA will convert their in-person gathering to a 3-day virtual experience. The 2020 Virtual Conference will include a series of six webinars and three pre-
recorded movement classes. Council and Affinity Group meetings, Dance Business Bootcamp, Archives, Dance/USA Fellowships to Artists, and other sessions will be taking place virtually
throughout the month of June.

Now more than ever, we must do whatever is necessary to gather and unite the dance
professionals of our nation. To discuss and discover, reflect and reimagine, and exchange ways to repair and rebuild our field. We have an opportunity to render the changes we have always wanted to implement and progress our field to new heights.

The Dance/USA Virtual Conference serves as a means to convene in this time of unprecedented
challenges. Together, attendees will discover innovative approaches to shared problems, share
and access new resources and strengthen relationships among fellow dance professionals.
Reconceptualized, the Annual Conference turned virtual will still allow one to invest in themselves, their organization, and the future of dance; signing off ready to impact the dance world with new ideas, fresh ways of thinking, and more confidence in one’s work.

All People Welcome
Dance/USA is dedicated to making all members of the dance community feel welcome and safe during the Virtual Conference. Dance/USA strives to ensure that individuals with disabilities can access all virtual resources and that these resources are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

Code of Conduct
Dance/USA is dedicated to making all members of the dance community feel welcome and safe during our virtual convening. Dance/USA is committed to honoring, nurturing, and advancing dance through the lens of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in all aspects of its programming, services, and organization. We encourage dance makers attending Dance/USA events and programs to be sensitive to and aware of issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and harassment-free experience for ALL involved in the
Dance/USA Virtual Conference. Harassment or offensive behavior (which may include slurs, epithets, sexual advances, discrimination, demeaning comments, exclusion from participation,
comments on appearance or disability, threats) will not be tolerated. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel your safety is at risk, or you bear witness to unacceptable behavior, please immediately email [email protected] Dance/USA will investigate all incidents reported with discretion, confidentiality, and urgency. Dance/USA reserves the right to revoke, without refund, access to the Virtual Conference and/or Dance/USA membership.

We invite you to participate in the Virtual Conference with open-mindedness, professional
integrity, honesty, curiosity, and respect.
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