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CENO (short for Censorship.no!) is a mobile Web browser using a novel approach to reach and deliver websites to your phone, caching static contents in a distributed network.

In other words, it uses a decentralized network as a medium to reach a centralized Internet. Why? There are two significant advantages to using CENO over a standard browser or a VPN:

1) Content that has already been retrieved and cached by a CENO user is available to all other CENO users, without having to access the origin website again. This results in faster delivery times and often cheaper rates (for countries that tier 'international' and 'national' connectivity).

2) It improves accessibility to censored content from your network.

Read more in the CENO user manual: https://censorship.no/user-manual/en/

CENO is based on Firefox for Android (a.k.a. Mozilla Fennec), extended to make use of an entire network of cooperating nodes using peer-to-peer routing and distributed caching of responses.


→ Browse web pages directly, with normal connection speeds, when a direct connection is available.

→ Still reach sites (with slower speeds) when they have been selectively censored (either by their URL or IP).

→ Retrieve and browser web pages directly from other CENO users (if they have visited and cached them previously).

→ Browse and login to websites without caching any results in the CENO distributed network (private browsing mode).


CENO is experimental BETA software. We offer it with the best intention that it is useful to you, but due to its highly innovative nature and stage of development, you may expect some issues while using it.

CENO is not an anonymity tool: information about your browsing might be leaked to other CENO users, as well as the fact that your application is providing particular web content to others. Content accessed with the application may stay in storage in clear text for some time. Other security or privacy-affecting issues might exist.

We recommend that you use this tool in controlled environments and only assume reasonable risks. eQualitie and its associates decline any legal responsibility derived from the use of this software.

We're working to improve CENO, please send your feedback to [email protected]

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