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Follow The Arrow

Does not require network access
Allows entry of any latitude and longitude for geocaching
Select what information fields are displayed on each screen
Change font size to read without glasses
Import and Export waypoint list file - to back up, preload or transfer between devices

This app is designed to allow you to create and save waypoints and then using only the GPS (no network access needed) it will direct you back with a simple arrow showing the direction to go and the distance to the waypoint.

To create a waypoint you either enter the latitude and longitude manually or stand in a location and let the gps fill in the latitude and longitude of the place you are standing.

I use this app when I am backpacking round India. When I arrive at my hotel I add a waypoint (saving that location). if at any time I am lost in the city I can start the app and it will give me a simple arrow pointing the way back and the distance.

Or when parking my car in a strange city or country location I add a waypoint before leaving the car. I know that I will always be able to find my way back.

To save battery I often don't leave the app running, I just start it up to add a waypoint and then only if I get lost I start it up again to find the direction back.

OK so there is no map but then it is designed to work with no network access and therefore not create roaming network charges. If ever you get disorientated you can use this app to get you back to your hotel. You can even used it to check the taxi driver is taking you back to your hotel. This app will even work in Airplane Mode.

You can also enter a target Latitude and Longitude for Geocaching.

Android tries to enable location services when you enable the GPS - this might cause network charges. Make sure that you only enable the GPS or enable as prompted and switch off location services leaving the GPS on - that is free. Also switch the GPS off while not using the app to save battery - this app will prompt you to do this on exit.

I have tested this app on a Sony Xperia SP and a Nexus tablets so would like feedback on how it works on other devices.

Once installed check the Preferences Menu because I have included a range of customise features like what fields are displayed, text size and units.

This app requires no special authority apart from access to the GPS on the phone.

Please Email Me
I would appreciate constructive feedback on bugs and features you would like to see. Please email me with any features you think would improve the app or anything that is not clear using it. I want to keep the app simple and easy to use and to not add features that will cause network data costs.

I will be working on other language versions.

I want to make this app the best so please email me with any improvements you would like. Also if you would like to see a version in your language and you could support me with a translation for each screen I will incorporate the language into a release.

new release (version 4) uploaded to the store on June 15 2015
Import and Export WayPoint file list
Better graphics
Visual feedback on all buttons
On exit it now releases the GPS so if the GPS is still enabled it should not stay active. So maybe no need to deactivate the GPS on exit.
Added ETA field

future thoughts:
Font size control for each screen separately as opposed to the one setting for the whole app
#Please email me for more enhancements you would like.
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